What’s at Stake

KOD - What's at Stake (IUPUI assessment) v4This is a presentation I made today at the IUPUI Assessment Conference in Indianapolis.  You can download a copy by right clicking on the image to the right and choosing Save As.  My narration is visible in Notes Page view.  Feel free to appropriate images or ideas in whatever way’s useful


7 thoughts on “What’s at Stake

  1. I really enjoyed your presentation- it was very thought provoking. Thank you for sharing these slides. I reviewed them again today to reignite ideas from the conference.

      1. Thanks Ken. I think you are spot on with higher education needing to stay relevant and connect financial sources with what is valued- learning. Additionally, as our consumers become more savvy, they will insist we “Show me the money (assessment data)!”. The trick is not only identifying HIPs, but also financially tying effective experiences to make it meaningful for the consumer. Thanks so much for your insight!

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