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explore_BBBand_P_6_65lrgMy office is hiring a leader for our new project to improve the first two years of college for majors in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Details and an application are available here, from the CSU Office of the Chancellor.  Let’s make music together.  But hurry:  the deadline is soon, and the metronome’s ticking.


7 thoughts on “join our band

  1. Improve…how, exactly? Please don’t let it be shaving units off the degree. The Board Of Trustees did that already.

    1. This one’s not about shaving. We want to build in (and scale up) those high-impact practices that seem most effective for STEM students at entry, so fewer of them drift away or switch out of STEM before graduation. It’s the list we know and love: first-year experiences, summer ramp-ups before freshman year, redesigned gateway courses . . .

      CSU campuses have been doing this on goodwill and grant funding for a while — in some cases decades. We seem overdue for some compelling evidence of success and cost effectiveness so we can build these practices into the norm, instead of continuing to cajole and panhandle.

      1. Agreed, this needs to be a systemwide effort with continuing support. Besides STEM students, there are probably grants and programs targeted to high risk, minority, lower socio-economic, first generation etc. Also transfer students need some hand holding to graduation as well.

    1. Good guess — but no, this is from a site called Center of the West. I thought I’d attributed the image with rollover text, but it didn’t come through. Thanks for stopping by, John.

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