Act Locally

RP-SSSC-Logo-2013-LargeThis is an address available as a download by clicking the link to the right.  (It’s a large file that may take a while.  You can see what I said in Notes Page view, and should feel free to use whatever parts you like, with or without attribution.)

Strengthening Student Success is an annual conference of the RP Group, a professional organization of researchers, faculty, and administrators in the California Community Colleges.

The presentation’s point is that despite our pressing needs to work together, we want to do so in ways that make fuller use of local context and creativity.


4 thoughts on “Act Locally

  1. Ken,

    Two really good books that support your points here are the following:

    Thompson, Clive. Smarter Than You Think: How Technology is Changing Our Minds for the Better. (2013).


    Dweck, Carol. Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. (2008)

  2. I attended your presentation in SF and I appreciate all that you said. I particularly liked the analogy of 1920 trolley cars and the street in 2013. Change has long been coming and it is exciting that the math (and other) faculty at your pilot CSUs are challenging some of the age old requirements. So are many at the CC’s. Next step – better articulation and cooperation with the community colleges that are trying new and exciting things!

    1. Thanks for this note, Paul, and I agree: it IS exciting that faculty in both segments are ready to challenge the status quo. It makes me hopeful the systems can jump together. Thank you for stopping by.

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