social capital

social capitalA friend of mine does research in the postsecondary world.  She’s one of those people you feel instinctively you should be collaborating with, even though there’s no subject in sight yet.  Here’s something I just sent her:

“Lately I’ve been thinking about social capital, influenced in part by the book I’m
reading now, The Nature of the Future.   There’s a chapter in it on alternative currencies, that would track non-financial contributions to others’ well-being.

“I’m also intrigued by the SROI Network, which seeks to quantify Social Return On Investment.  This is all pretty out there, but I think as the world gets more comfortable measuring and counting such things, we’ll plug a hole left in the otherwise amazing accomplishments of market capitalism.  I also think we’ll be better able to demonstrate the benefits of higher ed to individuals and communities.”

I decided to post that here too, in case anyone else is thinking along these lines or has links to share.


2 thoughts on “social capital

  1. Great topic and links–thanks. Martha Nussbaum has been advocating a similar line as a way to calculate the value of the humanities–but it takes on greater urgency in connection with public higher ed.

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